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Shop NSF Clothing Spring ’15 New arrivals now!

by lindsaybranquinho

Everyone’s favorite time of month has arrived – the newest NSF delivery is here!! Their first Spring delivery features some classic NSF silhouettes you know and love in Spring-perfect fabrics and colors, plus a few new styles guaranteed to be instant favorites. We are particularly smitten with the soft ‘fuzz’ color, striped jersey/chambray combos, and playful graphics! Shop it right here, or in-store now before it’s available on our website.  Call 805.693.8998 or email  Free shipping on all orders!


$237 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order





$92 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order




$187 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium, Large

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order




$79  – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order



$92 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order



$92 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order



$128 – Sizes available: Small, Medium. Large

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order



$158 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order




$143 – Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium

Call 805.693.8998 or email to order





New Arrivals: Velvet Pre-Spring ’15

by lindsaybranquinho

Fresh new arrivals from Velvet Pre-Spring have just arrived at LB and they are SO great! Think lighter colors, light weight knits, and layering pieces. All pieces that are going to make the season switch a bit easier on your closet. Velvet always goes fast so feel free to call or email us directly to have us ship or hold your favorites! or call 805.693.8998


NELINA Mesh Knit Pullover in Milk $130 – available sizes: small, medium, large Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping




RASHEEDA Slub Wrap Front Tee in Crystal – $79 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


DIONNE Chevron Striped Slub Tee in Cream & Navy – $108 available sizes: x-small, small, medium, Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


FRIDA Linen Ombre Dip Dyed Dress in Ink – $108 available sizes: x-small, small, medium, large Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


GENDRY 3/4 Sleeve Thermal Knit Hooded Cardigan in Mayflower – $147 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


MARCELINA Melange Knit Striped Cardi in Indigo – $209 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


XENA Chambray Button Down – $108 available sizes: small, medium, large Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


YOLANDI Melange Knit Striped Hoodie in Indigo available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


JEOR Crossed Open Back Slub Tee in White – $70 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


JEOR – Back View


EMERALD Dip Dyed Linen Ombre Slit SIde Tee in Ink – $108 available sizes: x-small, small, medium, large Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


CARIAD India Challis Mixed Print Dress in Multi – $158 available sizes: x-small, small, medium, large Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


ALIA India Challis Mixed Print Ropmer in Multi – $189 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


CELYN Slub Cotton Jumpsuit – $139 available sizes: x-small, small, medium Email or call 805.693.8998 to order *free shipping


happy 1 year anniversary {to me!}

by lindsaybranquinho


It has now officially been ONE WHOLE YEAR for me as the owner of Ladybug Boutique!!! Time really does fly when you’re having this much fun! So, I thought, what better way to celebrate than to fire back up the ol’ blog?!

Speaking of celebrating, we are doing so this week by giving away a $100 Ladybug gift card that you can use in-store or online. Hooray! Here’s how it works: For every $20 you spend with us (again, both in-store or online) starting today, April 16th through Sunday, April 20th you will receive 1 entry into the drawing. So if you spend $100 your name will be entered 5 times! No limit to how many times a person can be entered. The winner will be drawn and announced Monday, April 21st.

Then join us this Saturday, April 19th as the celebration continues with complimentary sweet treats & drinks all day long! We are also happy to be offering 15% off of one item from your purchase that day! Online customers may use the code FIRSTYEAR

As if all of that wasn’t enough, this week we are also expecting BIG Spring shipments of new items from Velvet, NSF, Mother Denim, and the very first delivery of our newest addition, CLOSED! I’m just thinking of these deliveries as Happy Anniversary gifts to me 😉

Most importantly, I want to extend a very heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you that have supported, and encouraged me in so many different ways throughout this last year. It has been both uplifting and humbling. I could not possibly love what I get to do any more, and that is largely in part because of the wonderful people that I get to see day in, and day out, in the shop.

I am personally looking forward to getting back to the blog…. consider this my 2nd year resolution!


5 reasons you need leather pants

by lindsaybranquinho


Since fashion has officially forayed into fall {and into the store} it’s got me thinking about my favorite looks, styles, and pieces. At the top of that list? Leather. More specifically; leather pants. Yes that’s right, leather pants. I adore them. This also encompasses coated denim, ‘leatherette’, or any other pants treated in such a manner as to resemble leather. I am not prejudice. Early last year I scored a killer pair of current/elliott black leather pants at an end of season sale for something like 65% off. As you can imagine, many of my dreams came to fruition at that moment. They are one of my all time favorite purchases. Admittedly, living in California they don’t get worn all that regularly. Cue coated denim. They provide the look of leather with the lightweight, breathability of denim. Plus at a fraction of the price they are much more accessible. So in case you are not already dying to run out and grab a pair for yourself, here are five reasons you need leather {or faux} pants:photo-6

  1. A seasonless staple. They will literally work for any season. It’s obvious how they work into your autumn/winter wardrobe but I actually really love them for spring and sumer as well. The coated denim, or ‘leatherette’, version if you will, is best suited for the warmer months for obvious reasons. Trust me, I know because I once had to take my leather pants off after a BIG night out catching up with all my high school girlfriends….in July….in Arizona. It took me, my husband, and some good old fashioned elbow grease {nearly, literally} to peel them off. Lesson learned. Anyhow, the point is that when you pair them with a simple ribbed tank, some layered necklaces, and a strappy little heel, they’re a perfect summer dress alternative for a night on the town. Bonus points if your warm weather leather is in a shade other than black. Midnight blue, brown, or slate are great options that will still be perfect for fall. 20130714-224843.jpg
  2. They’re a fashion chameleon. Day to night, casual or occasion, they just do it all. Effortlessly. Daytime; pair them with ballet flats, a slouchy tee, and some stacked bracelets. Nighttime; put on some simple, single sole pumps, silky button down, and grab a sleek clutch you’re out the door. I could literally put imaginary outfits together all day. Chunky cashmere sweater, suede ankle booties…. turtle neck, oversized denim vest, moto boots… classic denim work shirt, statement necklace…. I’m stopping, promise. photo-7
  3. Functionality. Ok so telling you that leather pants are practical sounds like a stretch. Maybe it is. A little. But here’s the thing, if you live anywhere that the temperatures really dip in the winter they are going to keep you warmer than regular denim. They’re actually really comfortable too {sans crowded bars in 100 degree weather}. And as silly as it sounds I’ve been thankful on several occasions that when something is spilled or dropped on them {usually by a very cute little boy under the age of 5} they simply wipe clean. As a mama, any item of clothing that comes virtually child proofed, is a shoe
  4. An ageless beauty. They’re a classic. Fabulous women have been wearing them in all shapes and sensibilities for decades. The finer details of fit change a little over the years but the leather pant remains. That makes it a worthy investment.  Wear them a lot, or a little, but chances are if you tire of them now, in a few years you can pull them back out and pick up the love affair right where you left
  5. They’re just sooo cool! They embody that cool girl vibe that all of us want, and add instant edge to any look. They’re subtle, yet make an impact. They bring a lux depth and texture to even the simplest styles. They effortlessly elevate any outfit from run of the mill, to who’s that girl. For me, leather or jeans with the leather look, encompass that elusive ‘je ne sais quoi’ of fashion that I’m always lusting after. photo-2

So there you have it, my leather love story. We have a couple amazing ‘leatherette’ denim styles this season, so look for them to be online within the week. In store now. Do you have something you love as much as I do my pants? Don’t be shy!


Bon Weekend

by lindsaybranquinho


Hooray for Friday! Finally. I don’t know about where you live, but we have had some positively sizzling hot days here lately. What are you doing to beat the heat?? Seriously, I need some tips.

I am thinking the boys and I might take a little day trip down to Montecito this weekend and hit a few spots I’ve been dying to check out. Plus, the promise of cooler coastal weather doesn’t hurt either.

Our first stop will no doubtedly be Pressed Juicery . I was introduced to their incredibly fresh, cold pressed, juices on one of my L.A. market trips. It was love at first sip, and now I make them my first {second, third, and last} stop when I’m down there. Imagine my excitement when I learned there was a Montecito location now!! I am not above driving 45 minutes south for a bottle of Citrus #2, my favorite.

The next place I’ve been itching to get to is Rori’s Artisinal Creamery.  Even the name sounds delicious, no? Organic ice creams, made fresh from scratch. Their ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible, which makes it that much better. Not that flavors like, salted caramel, malted milk ball, or root beer float, need any extra help being delicious.

Do you have any favorite little local spots that you think are to die for? I always love hearing about hidden little gems that the locals frequent, I always promise myself I’ll make a list of places to hit on my next road trip.

This is the last weekend I will be spending as a 20something, but our month of celebrations just keeps on coming. Which reminds me, you might want to head on over and like our Facebook page, just in case something exciting pops up next week….

Cheers to a safe & fun summer weekend!


sweet repeats + a giveaway winner!

by lindsaybranquinho

We have a winner for our $50 gift card giveaway! Drumroll please….


Thank you to everyone that entered, I absolutely LOVED hearing your input and thoughts! Don’t be strangers! As my birthday month rolls on be sure to check in for other special happenings. Hmmm, I don’t think we’ve given anything away on Facebook yet, ahem…..

As fall deliveries start to trickle in I’m excited to be seeing some old favorites again. A lot of lines will repeat a style from the past when it is a huge hit. Sometimes they slightly modify it; textile, print, or little adjustments to things like sleeve length or neckline. I get so excited about being able to offer these best selling styles to our fabulous customers again. I mean they’re best sellers for a reason right?! Already have it from a past season? Add another color if you wear it a lot. Missed your chance at it the first time? Well another year older, another year wiser right??

{Joie Armelio sweater}

This is our third anniversary with the Armelio, and it’s 100% cashmere counterpart, the Tambrell. There’s a reason we can’t get enough! Actually there’s more like 50 reasons we can’t get enough. It’s asymmetrical hem, drapes perfectly, so that it’s never bulky or overwhelming, even on petite frames. It is incredibly flattering on every body type. The Armelio is a silky soft blend of wool, cashmere, & silk, that’s lightweight making it a perfect transitional piece. For all you cashmere lovers, we have the Tambrell coming in a later Fall delivery. I own the Tambrell from last year and lived in it all winter. Counting the days until I can pull it out again…

g_f_joie_armelio_blk g_f_joie_armelio_hgrey

{Minnie Rose duster}

This is classic Minnie Rose. Year after year she keeps offering this open cardigan, and once you slip it on, you know why. It’s simple and straightforward. Light enough for any season, and great for layering with jeans, tees, and maxi dresses.


{Joie Maddie linen tee}

This has long been one of my favorite tee shirts. In fact I wear it SO often that my the time the newest batch rolls in, my old one is nearly ready for retirement. Let’s face it, in our real day-to-day lives most of us wear jeans and a tee. So why not make it the best tee you can?! This is loose in al the right places and still maintains a subtle sexiness. This is the first season that Joie has offered it in heather grey, and charcoal options. Do it, you won’t be sorry 😉

g_f_joie_greymaddie g_f_joie_charmaddie

{Minnie Rose cashmere Ruana}

This is an LB favorite. I can’t tell you how many people try this poncho-esque piece on for the first time and are instantly smitten. It looks good on everyone, and can be worn over virtually any outfit. Wear it classically with the cowl centered in front (tag in back), asymmetrically with it slightly off the shoulders (this is great when worn over dresses or a little shoulder!), or what I often end up doing, is pulling it up over my shoulders and letting it all drape in front, a la infinity scarf style.

g_f_mr_ruana_blazer g_f_mr_ruana_silver

Which style are you most excited about seeing again??


The hit list {new arrivals}

by lindsaybranquinho

Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter our $50 gift card giveaway! We will be picking a winner on Tuesday, and announcing it Wednesday on the blog! Anyone can enter, just leave a comment with your feedback on this or any LB blog post that sparks your interest. You can use your gift card on any purchase online or here in the shop.

Even though summer is in full swing, and temperatures are rising all over, fashion has officially shifted to Fall. That’s right girls; FALL! Although I might just be the only person around excited about this, we have started receiving the fist of our Fall orders this month. I tried to keep it light for the most part and pick pieces that can transition from Summer into Fall. Here are a couple of the newest arrivals from last week. Shop them in store or online now.

{Vince printed silk blouse}

Vince is a no brainer with it comes to classic sophisticated styles. Wear this blouse now with white denim and wedges, or even some denim cut off shorts and heels for an edgier look. Then come fall it’s perfect with some sleek black skinnies and heels. For a more casual look wear it with denim, booties and a leather jacket.


{Chan Luu ombre cashmere/silk scarf in peppercorn & Adobe Rose}

My love affair with these aaamazing, tissue weight cashmere scarves from Chan Luu is obvious. We just received a ton of new colors and prints, so now my biggest problem is choosing which one to wear first. Wear it now as a wrap over you summer dresses, or with simple summer  tanks to add interest.


{Velvet Ophelia cowl back tee in black}

This was a best seller for us earlier in the season in the ‘galaxy’ color so I couldn’t resist the chance to welcome it back to the store again. Available now in black and white. I love the monochrom look of wearing this black tee with white shorts or jeans for summer. Obviously it will shift into Fall seamlessly paired back to darker colors, adding a special detail to layered looks.Word to the wise; this style runs a bit large. It should almost have been cut as one size fits all.


{Chan Luu cashmere/silk scarf in doeskin & poppy}

This is a killer color combo! The bright poppy color against the soft creamy doeskin is striking. Wear it now with all white for a summery pop of color. Later on I’m picturing it with grey denim, loose white tee, and an oatmeal colored cashmere cardi.


Do you have a favorite look/piece that works double duty for multiple seasons?


Happy Independence Day {the home of the brave}

by lindsaybranquinho


Happy 4th of July, how will you be spending the holiday today?? Well, whether it’s parades, pools, BBQ’s, or just soaking up the sunshine, it’s great to have a day devoted to celebrating America the beautiful! Our freedoms are an incredible gift and I think it’s important that we also stop to honor those that have sacrificed their all to protect them.

On that note I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the devastating loss suffered in my hometown of Prescott, Arizona this week. 19 brave men lost their lives fighting wild fires there. For 21 years it was the town that raised me, and it will always have my heart. In such a close knit community, where roots run deep, it has been a profound loss felt by everyone. Those men were husbands, fathers, sons, friends, brothers, and have touched innumerable lives. I am truly at a loss for words to describe the heartbreak I feel for their families and pray that they may find comfort and healing with time. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word and will be forever remembered as such.


On a lighter, and bit more celebratory note, don’t forget to shop our sale rack through Sunday and receive an additional 40% off!! Offer good through 7/7, online use code lucky7at checkout. Also, you still have time to enter our $50 gift card giveaway! To enter just leave a comment on any one of our blog posts here. Your feedback and input is important to us, so let us hear it! You have until Monday and we will be picking a winner Tuesday.

Wishing you all a safe, fun filled fourth spent with the ones you love. Whatever you do, hopefully it will end with some fireworks 😉

{CP Shades} Endless Summer + a giveaway!

by lindsaybranquinho

Giveaway time girls!!

July is my birthday month, and while I may or may not be exiting my 20’s, I say we celebrate! The lucky winner is going to win a $50 LB gift card that can be used towards any purchase in-store or online. To enter simply leave us a comment on this post, or any other post over the next week. Tell us what you think of the blog, your favorite Lb purchase, what you’re currently lusting over, favorite summer pieces…anything! You can enter any day through Monday July 8th, and we will picking a winner Tuesday the 9th. Be sure you’re also following us on Instagram & Facebook {links to both can be found here & on the bottom of the page} for more sale announcements, giveaways, and new arrivals. I’ve got a couple more things up my sleeve for my special month….

CP Shades is a line that completely embodies the feel of long, laid back, California summers. The casual, breezy silhouettes made in perfectly rumpled, natural, fabrics practically ooze lazy summer days. Their linen is luxurious and classic. Their silk-cotton blend {my personal favorite} is as light as a feather and completely low maintenance. Their styles, although obviously made with summer in mind, can easily be worn no matter what the season. They naturally lend themselves to being layered with their loose cuts that are somehow never bulky. Their lux textures create a rich, gorgeous contrast when paired with leather or cashmere. What they never loose though is that feeling of summer. Guaranteed to bring a touch of sunny nostalgia to the even greyest of days.

{the Jaci in ombre}

A proven winner, Jaci, is as easy as they come. All of CP Shades pieces are garment dyed to order, and each fabric takes on the color a bit differently, thus creating depth and contrast. This is much more pronounced in the darker colors, such as the deep, teal-tinged, blue ‘ombre’ color shown below. This color looks great with classic denim and is also striking against white.


{the Jaci in white}

A fresh take on the original Jaci. Obviously they are the same style, just different fabrication. With a cotton jersey front, and same great, long, pleated, silk cotton back. Ideal for everyday wear, and casual daytime looks.


{the Carine in chambray linen}

Love this new style. That’s right, lovelovelovelovelovelove it! I agree that it’s merits are hard to see when it’s simply shown on a hanger, so let me break it down. It’s longer than an ordinary shirt {but not quite tunic length}, has an exaggerated shirttail hem, and is longer in back than in front. This makes it ideal for wearing with leggings, or those super skinny jeans you avoid in your closet because you’re a little too self conscious. It strikes a perfect balance between giving you shape through the body, and yet not being to structured or fitted. In other words it offers full coverage without being overwhelmingly oversized. This summer wear it with little shorts, cropped white denim and wedges, or slightly unbuttoned and cuffed as a bathing suit cover up. When winter rolls in layer it over a lacy camisole, under a leather jacket, and paired with slick black skinnies and booties. {note to self: wear that exact outfit as soon as it’s seasonably appropriate}


{the in Dani in oat}

Yes, this is just the Jaci with a long sleeve. For all you women out there loathing your arms {I had NO idea there were so many of you! Arms.. really?!}, this top is for you. Still light enough in design, fabrication, and color to pass for summer but will offer coverage to those of you so desperate to hide those infamous upper arms. Maybe you could even {gasp!} roll the sleeve to 3/4 when you’re feeling particularly daring. The oat color is wonderfully ambiguous in that it will take on the sensibilities of whatever other colors you’re pairing it with. Summer: go with white, pale grey, navy, or other soft pastel shades. Winter: think deep bordeaux, chocolate, black, or other jewel tones.


There are, of course, many other great offerings from CP Shades, and you can shop them here {Did I mention they are now foraying into linen bedding?! Sign me up}. The new arrivals shown here should be up on the site within the week. The Regina dress was one of their best selling pieces for us this year, it’s sold out now, but you can refresh your memory here. With so much summer still ahead of us I’m thinking about bringing it back, any thoughts???


Bon Weekend!

by Wallace


Happy Friday all!

Here are a few fun things from around the web…

Fun nail polish ideas for the Fourth of July!

Overalls seem to be coming back (gasp!) what do you think of that? These ones aren’t too bad!

Adorable hair idea for the little girl in your life.

Having a girl’s night out (or date night) anytime soon? Here’s a new trick to try with your eye makeup.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

{xo, wallace}